Helle Torodd Knife (Limited Edition)

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The 2020 Helle Limited edition knife – only available in 800 copies worldwide – pays homage to both tradition and innovation, and a man who has represented both of this for Helle.

Torodd Helle has been with the company started by his father since 1980, and has been managing director since 2006. In this period Helle has combined historical designs with new innovations that have taken Helle on a new international journey. Read more about Torodd the man and knife here.

Since Torodd is Sigmund’s son, the Torodd is of course modeled on the Sigmund. The knife therefore has the shape and functional design of a traditional Norwegian Tollekniv, but it also emphasis the aesthetics of the craftsman- and knife traditions of Norwegian culture. The functionality is highlighted in the relatively long blade and comfortable handle that works for a range of cutting and woodworking purposes. The aesthetic aspects are highlighted in the mirror-polished blades with a signature by Torodd on one side of the blade and the composite handle with the dyed green leather inlets. This is in turn matched by a green double-stitching in the sheath, and the traditional Norwegian imprint also found on the Sigmund sheath.

The Torodd will be available in selected stores in Norway, USA and Canada from March. Europe and rest of the world from April.

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